From Museum Collection to Selling:

News alert: Traveling Dec 2021, keep you posted when I reopen physical location. Hope to find more goodies. Thank you for the well wishes!

My focus is continuing to show the beauty of textiles to the most people possible while transitioning from museum collector to selling. New pieces get bought so others must be sold. This is the heartbreaking part but all textiles find loving homes. Textiles represent culture better than anything created. Antique textiles are a gateway to learning about our world. My goal has always been to show the greatest amount of people the beauty and life within antique textiles. To me, it’s such a worthy purpose because our world is shrinking and culture is disappearing. Even if you don’t buy, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Price quotes are by inquiry. There are a few ways of paying without accruing fees: Paypal friends and family, Venmo, Zelle. Shipping and any fees are the buyers responsibility. I will work with anyone in the world.



Antique Tibetan, Bhutanese, Mongolian Textiles

Antique Tibetan Rugs

Tibet and Asian Art and Thangkas

Antique Indian Textiles and Art

Chinese, Indonesia, Laos, SE AsianTribes Textiles

Antique Japanese , Irish and African Art and Textiles

Antique Bolivian Nazca Art and Textiles


The Road Ahead:

Covid lockdown started while I was in China, made a beeline to Vietnam. I decided to travel more before I’m not comfortable carrying a backpack hitting the back trails of history. That is what “pops” for me. I am hoping to start in November 2021 in Turkey, Egypt and Africa. Feel free to follow me on facebook:


Vintage Americana:

It seems like a previous life, I been blessed to travel around the US collecting American mens vintage clothing and textiles. I specialize 40’s-1970’s. All good fun until I realized how much I had. Lots of larger sizes, Hollywood fashion and rockabilly. It really might be the largest selection you’ve ever seen. Browse and if you have questions please ask.



Decorative 3 dimensional border band Nazca (c.1-700AD)

This band is also represented in the National Museum of Archeology in Peru. This is longer and in very good condition. This piece dates to the Wari or Nazca civilization.

17-19th C. Antique Mongolian Felt Blanket

These Mongolian felts are highly collectable and rare. How few actually exist today.

Where the hoards ended their occupation in Hungary babies are checked for Mongol blood and the felt making process hasn’t changed since.

19th C. Tibetan Marriage Wangden from Lhuntse ShenRare

Wangdens have a warp faced backing, usually with fringe, from the Wangden Valley in Tibet. These rugs are considerably heavier and more comfortable so used in meditation and to be a buffer between the cold climate.

The Swastika is a good-luck symbol and is conducive to well-being. In the Buddhist tradition, the swastika symbolizes the feet or footprints of the Buddha.

Indian 18th C. Camel Festival Saddle

Very very old Camel Leather Camel Festival Saddle, made of camel leather of the Indian camel, the white within the applique is camel bladder. Metal work, applique, embroidery and two stitching styles. This is amazingly rare! There is no example in any book so hard to date. Found this and another piece together in 2000.

Early 20th Century Mein (Yao) Baby Carrier

The Yao, Hmong and Akha are migratory people, indigenous hill tribes who live in small villages at higher elevations in the mountains of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Yunnan Province in China.